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Enabling the Digital Transformation of Healthcare
We help hospitals and other healthcare and pharma companies to succeed in a rapidly changing digital healthcare world.


Provide an easy approach for health professionals to keep track of patients remotely. Any camera-equipped smartphone becomes a health evaluation tool with Careplix.

  • After a patient leaves the hospital, keep an eye on their vitals.
  • Expand diagnostic from remote locations
  • Track detailed data on patient well-being over time with ease.
  • Empower patients to detect health issues with any device.

Preventive Wellness

Allow for continuous and non-invasive monitoring of a person's stress and vital signs. The video-based software Careplix introduces preventative medicine to the general public.

  • Allow medical personnel to keep track of patient health concerns in advance.
  • Assist patients in staying on top of their personal health.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare
  • Increase the number of people who have access to healthcare services.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Help faster recovery after surgery and hospitalization by giving healthcare professionals remote, real-time assessments. No extra equipment or wearables are required; everything is done through the patient's smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Empower patients to get better at home faster
  • With real-time data, you can keep track of chronic illness.
  • Reduce the amount of pressure imposed on medical centers.
  • Assist patients with limited movement.

Monitor Your Health In 3 Simple Steps

Become the healthiest version of yourself. All your health data in one place. Trusted by over millions of users all across the world. Providing device-less vitals monitoring solutions.


The fastest way to login/register using OTP. Fill in your basic details and get started.

Select Scan Option

Know your body vitals within one minute by clicking on ‘Start A Face Scan’
or ‘Start A Finger Scan’.

Get your health scores

Get health insights to know your health risks, improve your lifestyle and monitor your progress.

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Careplix Integration Is Available For All Devices

Onboarding our technology is extremely fast and developer-friendly. Seamlessly integrate Careplix SDK into your iOS or Android mobile or web applications, or opt for our ready-to-use, end-to-end solution.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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